Monday, October 15, 2007

1 Member, 2 Requests

When we first opened a few months ago, we immediately got a couple of requests from one of our first members to join the site. Not only did they arrive quickly, but they were some of the most elaborately described scenarios we've received.

This week, Sloth and I each tackled one of these. My piece is called "Pinned" and here's the original request:

"There was drawing in an old karate magazine in the 70’s that I found incrediblely erotic as a child. I would appreciate it if you would consider recreating it for your site. It was called THE PIN. The victim was a large man with dark hair. He was wearing the traditional white karate outfit called a GI. He was laying on his stomach and the drawing showed nails or pin heads driven through his karate outfit into the wood floor at strategic places. These "pins" held his muscular body firmly in place on the floor. In the drawing, his face was covered with forced laughter and his large fists were furiously beating the floor in futility as he laughed helplessly. The drawing showed his one leg was extended straight out with pins or nails driven in to the karate outfit at strategic places. His large bare foot extended beyond the edge of the karate outfit. A much smaller man sat on his other thigh facing the bigger man's bare feet. One of the smaller man’s hands was tightly grasping the bigger man by his ankle so the big man’s other leg was bent back at the knee. (similar to a hogtie position) . The smaller man had reddish blonde hair. His ears were imp-like (think Dr. Spock) and he had a cruel smile on his face as stroked a large feather back and forth across the bottom of his victim’ huge bare foot."

The particular member who requested this scenario also has a fondness for the work of Etienne, so I attempted to draw the victim in his style.

Sloth's piece is an illustration of an aging jock who picked on the wrong three punks in a bar, and wound up tickle tortured in his own tent. I'd post that original request too, but it was about three pages long. ;)

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The "PIN" request was just about perfect: it wasn't too difficult of a scenario to illustrate and it had plenty of descriptive details. That's a great standard to follow when requesting art from us.

I hope you enjoy both pieces this week! I know at least one member who will be happy.


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