Monday, October 29, 2007

The Trade Off

This week we're fulfilling two member's requests with a Mafia interrogation scenario, and an illustration of a security guard overpowered by two masked robbers.

Sloth and I decided to try a little experiment. We each began an illustration and sketched in the basic drawing. Then, we swapped drawings and finished the other's piece.

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It was interesting to see how our styles meshed, and I think both pieces came out successfully. To see the differences between the initial sketch and the final work, we posted the drawings with special rollovers. Roll your mouse over the colored drawing, and the sketch will appear. To download the final color art, you'll have to use the text link at the bottom of the window.

This week's drawings both feature sock tickling, since those were some of the first requests we received when the site launched. Recently, a member warned us against becoming too "footy" and to make sure that we balanced it out with more body tickling.

I will do my best to see that the coming weeks include pieces that focus on other sexy, sensitive regions of the body. ;)

Have fun!


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