Monday, November 5, 2007


Any videogamers out there? This week my piece pays homage to a certain 'War God' who gets hogtied by his own chains in a piece that could only be called 'Kra-TOES'.

Sloth provides a piece that answers a request we had recently for some 'forced foot worship'. Well, from the look of things, the wrestler getting his feet licked eventually didn't need to be forced to enjoy it. This piece contains some explicit content.

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And speaking of requests, I'd like to take a moment to list all the ones we've received so far, but haven't yet fulfilled. This is partially to organize them for my benefit, and partly to let everyone know what they can look forward to in the coming months.

Here they are, in no particular order:

-A college professor, getting tickled by a student who doesn't think he deserved that 'F'.

-Something involving a certain hulking, green man's giant feet.

-A young blacksmith, tortured in stocks by a wicked King and his soldiers.

-Tickling as a modern art installation.

-A casting director, screening young, ticklish talent.

-A gang of cops, tickle torturing a poor inmate who is handcuffed to his jail cot.

-Carlo Masi, on display in stocks, offered up for $50 a tickle for charity.

-A very hairy-chested Italian type, tied down and tickled by a smooth muscleman.

-A classic beach burial scene with a poor guy's feet tormented by his two buddies.

-The 'Orcs of Tickle Earth' getting a taste of their own medicine.

-John Goodman's giant bare feet tickled while he sleeps.

-Christopher of the Sopranos getting tickle interrogated while a bound Tony looks on.

-A sequel to 'Good to be King' in which His Royal Highness is getting tickled a bit more vigorously.

-Some bearish men, at the mercy of man-tickling plants and snakes.

-Brandon Johnson, tickling his buddy's bare feet in some wooden stocks he constructed.

-Prince William, overpowered by a gang of his mates.

-A state trooper, overpowered and tickled in his own police car.

-Sean Hannity, being forced to rethink his poliTICKLE views (sorry, couldn't resist that one).

-'Everybody Tickle Raymond'

-And finally, a certain Reality Race winning TV star, getting his pits tickled in an all-new challenge.

WHEW! So, as you can see, we have a lot on our plate. So far, we have managed to keep up with two new pieces each week, so those 20 requests should only take about 10 weeks to get through. I hope you stick around to see how they turn out! Please be advised that we're going to try to get through the ones listed above before we get to any new ones that come in.

Enjoy this week's update!


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Anonymous said...

I think Kra-Toes could be your hottest pic yet! :) Keep up the good work!