Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Early Halloween!

Today is the first in a planned series of quarterly updates to the home page. The main image will change with the seasons, and we'll keep an archive of those in the free section after they get taken down.

I hope everyone enjoys todays spooky update. I realize the piece has a tickling machine theme similar to the last one, but let's face it: the classic Frankenstein scenario is just perfect for a tickling scene. A huge, hulking brute tied to a table, being experimented on. This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I remember getting a charge (no pun intended) from the brief glimpse you got of Peter Boyle's feet in Young Frankenstein when he first appears in the film. He's covered by a sheet except for his huge, bare feet sticking out over the end of the table he's strapped down to.

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The bolts of electricity tickling poor Frank were only possible because I attended a Photoshop seminar for my day job, and the speaker taught us a bunch of nifty tricks. Generating amazingly realistic lightning was one of them. If only my bosses knew how I was putting those skills to work!

Sloth's piece this week was not a request, but one he pulled out of his own imagination. It's the classic nerd vs. jock scenario, with a scrawny guy taking advantage of a burly jock who used to torment him. For anyone with a cast fetish, this one's for you!

Next week we'll be back to posting requested images. Here's a short list of some interesting ones we've received in the last few weeks:

-A State Trooper, overpowered by a scruffy thug, handcuffed in his own cruiser with his boots pulled off...

-A certain HGTV star, constructing some homemade wooden stocks and tickling a buddy in them.

-Prince William, ganged up on by some of his mates.

-Some bearish men, imprisoned and tickled in the wild by man-tickling plants and snakes.

Have fun with this week's update!


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