Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tickling Tentacle Terror!

Hey Gang,

Here are the updates for our last two weeks of tickling fun!

Last week was all about tentacles: First up, Wez introduces an evil villain who is tormenting his arch nemesis in "Tiklar vs Captain Feather". No man, not even a superhero, can resist Tiklar's grasping, poking and prodding green tentacles! And, speaking of green tentacles, Velly-Z presents an unusual alien abduction scenario in "Farmer Jay Abducted". Poor Jay is strapped to a table and subjected to an odd and tickly method of...extraction.This week, Sloth gives us a lesson in "The Dangers of Crowd Surfing". Oi! This poor bugger didn't know what he was in for when he dove into this crowd. His Doc Martens are pulled off, and dozens of hands start tickling. Also this week, Blithwulf gives us the tickle torture interrogation of a secret agent in "A View to a Drill". Belly button lovers rejoice, as we've got yet another piece that focuses on a sensitive navel. This poor man is totally helpless and forced to watch as the whirling brush forcibly extracts giggle after giggle...I hope you enjoy these updates! See you all next week.


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p said...

I love bellybutton tickle
Please draw more!!