Monday, August 16, 2010

Have You Checked out FOOTFRIENDS Lately?

There is some seriously hot tickling happening these days at FootFriends . They have a newer tickler by the name of Franco who is hot in a "rough trade" kind of way. He come across as a friendly, yet merciless tickler.He's tickled an incredible variety of men so far, and he loves to tickle both feet and upper bodies.On what other site have you seen a ginger nerd tickled? See what I mean about variety?Franco's such a devilish tickler you almost feel bad for these guys...almost.So if you're craving some really good tickling clips, with truly ticklish guys who are driven right out of their minds with laughter, look no further.
Don't you want to be this happy?Just drop by FootFriends today! Franco is waiting, with wiggling fingers and an evil grin.

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