Saturday, August 21, 2010

TILF-Legion of Doom

Welcome to another edition of TILFs. Perhaps I should have called this TILTs? Toys I'd like to tickle? Regardless, let's get started.

Hawk and Animal are known as the "Legion of Doom" in the WWE. They parade around in outfits that are sort of a cross between a professional football player's gear and KISS.
For two tough guys, they wear an awful lot of makeup.  But you know, in a manly gladiator kind of way.
They both sport crazy mohawks, which I've always had a weakness for.  Animal even has a ponytail.  Is that a mohawkmullet?
Hawk was sculpted with his tongue sticking out, which comes in very handy for some creative poses.
Hope you enjoyed this edition of inappropriate action figure posing!

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