Wednesday, August 18, 2010!

Hey gang,

Here's the info on our updates over the past two weeks!

Last week, Bearotic art gave us a surreal sci-fi fantasy where a very ticklish bear is staked down on the barren surface of a strange planet, and has his feet feathered by a strange hand held device. I hope you enjoy "Last Laugh". Also last week, I dabbled in sci-fi myself, with a piece about a very ticklish Time Lord. The Daleks have discovered a new weakness in humanity, and that it's a lot more more fun to "vellicate" than to exterminate. In this drawing, we find out "Who's Ticklish".This week, Wez is back with a piece based on a televised athletic competition about...ninjas. This hopeful fellow thinks he can navigate the dreaded Ring of Feathers all the way to the end. If he can, he'll truly be a "Tickle Warrior". Also this week, I answer the request of a member who loved the endless, rippling abs in a certain Spartan motion picture. The evil Persian King has captured Leonidas, and is subjecting his delicate, muscled stomach to the torture of "300 Tickles".I hope you all enjoy these updates! Be sure to drop by to see the full drawings!


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