Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bringing Sexy BAC

Hey all!

Here's the latest news on the updates to for the past two weeks!

First, Blithwulf brings us to the land of swords and sandals in a fierce gladiatorial arena where the loser is at the mercy of the whim of the crowd.  When the thumbs point down, he's tickled to death!  Enjoy "Gladio Titillandus".  Next, Cheshire Cat goes even further back in time to the epic battle between mammal and reptile.  It looks like the the lizard is clearly winning here, as the poor leopard boy is driven to pure "Prehysteria"!
This week, Wez shows us a wrestling competition gone wrong, as the loser is hogtied and foot tickled into total hilarity.  The burly, hairy brute dishing out the torture means business!  The poor tied, ticklish fellow "Can Bearly Stand It"!  Next, I decided to do a piece based on a well-known cover from "Tales of the Asylum" by the great /F tickling artist BAC.  BAC is known for complex bondage scenarios and extremely devious tickle torture.  I send one hunky, ticklish-footed stud "BAC to the Asylum" where he's straight-jacketed, foot tickled and milked until he's totally INSANE!
I hope you enjoy this week's pieces!  As always, you can find the full versions of these drawings in the member's section of!


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