Friday, October 22, 2010

TILF-John Cena

What is it about John Cena?  The classic, all-American jock looks?  The thuggish posing?  The military haircut?  The insanely cut body?  Probably all of the above.
This is one of the better likeness ever scultped for a wrestling toy, in my opinion.  It captures his handsome face and arrogant smirk perfectly.

He's got abs of steel, nipples!  I guess wrestling toy companies don't think men should have nipples, because that would be gay.
They even managed to represent his fade military cut in the back!
For you sneaker fetishists, John is sporting some white athletic kicks.  You know we've all thought about taking those off of him...
Is John Cena a sexy TILF?  WORD!

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fingrfethr said...

You want a TILF? I gotta TILF for ya!