Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Week's Update is a GAS!

Hey Gang,

This week we've got two torturously ticklish pieces from two of our team of terrific tickling talents!

First up, Wez gives us a piece with a subject very close to his heart...and skin:  Tattoos!  His drawing this week features a hunk with several tickling-themed tattoos getting pit tickled by another inked dude.  Wonder what's worse?  The needle, or the gentle fingertips...?  Enjoy "Tatt-Tickle".
Next up, Sloth gives us the second member of his roster of evil titillating super villains: The League of Evil Ticklers.  This time "Dr. Nitrous" uses his tank of trusty laughing gas to weaken his victim's resistance, while his evil robot minions tickle him to tears.  No hero stands a chance against this onslaught!

Hope you liked this week's drawings!  As always, visit to see the entire drawings!


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