Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hey everyone!  I hope you're all having a great holiday season.  Here is the latest news about our last 3 updates to AchillesHeelArt!

First up, Sloth gave us yet another member of his evil supervillain team The League of Evil Ticklers, "Toolbox".   This master of weapons and technology invented a suit capable of finding your ticklish spot, wherever it may be.  He's got 100 ways to make you squirm...   Also this week, Nomar drew some poor victim of some bizarre medical experiment.  Strapped to a table, he's poked and prodded by various instruments, all to find out if he's "Scienticklish".
Next, it was Saturday morning cartoon week when Wez and Cheshire Cat both decided to revisit classic characters from their youth.  First, Wez has Raphael (or is that "Laughael") separated from his shelled brothers and at the mercy of the evil gangster Don Turtelli.  This purple-suited villain has turned poor Raphael into one "Tickled Mutant Ninja Turtle".  Then, Cheshire Cat has that lovable stoner Shaggy held fast by a tar monster and tickle tortured on his long toes by a ghost clown.  This is the last time this "Meddling Kid" will get in their way!
Finally, in our special all-Santa holiday update:  Blithwulf brings us to the North Pole, where things have gone horribly awry in the workshop.  Santa's troop of toy painting robots have either malfunctioned or revolted, and are now using their brushes to tickle the feet of Saint Nick and his team of elves in a "Toyshop Takeover"!  Next, it "Twas the Morning After Christmas" and Sloth brings us the scene of Santa asleep on his couch, exhausted from his work the night before.  He's overslept, and his mischievous elves know just the way to rouse ol' Santa.
And, as we do every holiday season, our home page was updated with a brand new cover image.  I hope you enjoy "Making a List" as much as I had fun drawing it.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!


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Ian Marshall said...

Amazing Update. Thanks for all you do.