Friday, July 1, 2011

Latest Ticklish Updates!

Hey Gang,

Here's the latest news on our last three updates!

First up, it was comic book week at AchillesHeelArt when both Wez and Cheshire drew two famously big-footed anti-heroes.  First, Wez drew that pale-skinned last Czarnian, who is overpowered while drinking by two space pirates. They go to town tickling his huge, pale feet in "Lobo's Toes".  Next, Cheshire Cat draws that rampaging emerald behemoth who, as it turns out, has such ticklish fee that it drives him to tears to have them touched.  I know you'll love "Hulk...TICKLISH!".
Next up, Azazello drew a scientist with an evil, multi-handed tickling machine which extracts laugh after laugh from its victims...purely for the benefit of science, of course.  This poor sheer-socked fellow has been trapped by "The Mad Professor of Tickling".  Also, Mr. Zikkon delivers page 2 of "Warriors Six" in which we begin to meet our six heroes who will set out to rid their land of the scourge of tickling monsters.  Unfortunately, each of the six is extremely ticklish themselves, so it will be a long...hard battle.
Finally, I drew a request for one of my favorite members who has a thing for men rolled in carpets, and sexy wide masculine feet.  Who knows why these 4 Arabian men are being tickled?  Are they OPEC executives being forced to lower their prices?  Terrorists experiencing "Freedom Tickling"?  Who cares?  Just enjoy their helpless, wiggling toes in "Sheikhing with Laughter".  Also, Henry Rollins is famous for performing barefoot on stage.  Here, he's driven the crowd wild with foot lust, as they bind him with his own mic cord and tickle his feet until he's "Rollins with Laughter".
As always, you can see the full versions of these drawings in the member's section of!


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