Saturday, July 23, 2011

TILF-Bionic Commando

Our latest TILF hails from a classic video game series which got a recent 3D upgrade:  Bionic Commando.  This swinger is definitely sexy enough to be inducted into the hall of TILFs.  Let's see why:
Our hero has a very handsome, slightly scruffy face.  He has caucasian features, but olive colored skin.
I don't think dreadlocks on white guys are ever a good idea, but somehow ol' BC manages to make them look sexy.
This toy has something rarely attempted on a male figure: armpit hair!  Granted, it's a bit off the mark.  The divet and dark patch wound up too far up the arm but, hey, at least they tried!
Then there's that mechanical arm: a bit of a monstrosity, but it's what allows him to swing through the wreckage of the post apocalyptic world he lives in.
 Just imagine being tickled by that!
That's it for our latest TILF.  Tune in next time for more plastic sexiness!

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