Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oops, I Did It Again

I fell behind on my update teasers, and one member in particular has shown admirable restraint in not chastising me for it.  Here's the skinny on the last 5 weeks of male tickling drawings!

First up, CheshireCat gets even kinkier than usual as a leather slave is put in a hood, and slowly teased and tickled with feathers until he's insane in "Whimpering Gimp".  Next, Azazello takes us into a wrestling ring to show us a woefully mismatched round.  A huge brute has a much skinnier guy in a helpless hold, and the poor man is "No Match for Tickling".
Next, Blithwulf puts on a three ring circus with his piece about a strongman being ticklishly teased by the Ringmaster.  Can his huge muscles resist the power of the feather in "Big Top Tickles"?  Next, a stocky, bearded guy is in a helpless, hogtied position having his vulnerable feet gang tickled in BearoticArt's piece "Captive Cub"
Next, it's gnome week at AchillesHeelArt!  First, Azazello shows us the plight of a young man who stole gems from the wrong little men. As he tries desperately to keep from falling, the tiny men tickle his armpits in "Gnome More!".  Then, CheshireCat gives us a very "blue" piece.  A smurf is caught in a mousetrap and has his tiny boots taken off in "Stop Smurfing My Feet!".
Next, Sloth takes us into a top secret military base where recruits are trained to resist interrogation techniques.  This poor cadet has his armpits worked over in "Toughness Training".  Then, BearoticArt goes noir in a piece involving the mafia, tickle torture, and sheer socks.  I know you'll love "The Rat Sings".
Finally, Wez returns with a piece about an evil scientist who is attempting to manipulate the genes of wildlife to create the ultimate tickling creature.  He's testing out his latest creation "Hellyfish" on a poor, ticklish victim suspended in a tank.  Next, BlueBully gives us an..."X" rated piece involving a pre-blue fur  Dr. McCoy.  He enlists Angel and his feathers to carry out "Hank's Experiment" on his enormous, ticklish feet.
As always, you can see the full pieces in the member's section of!

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