Friday, April 20, 2012

Jack McHawk Tickled INSANE!

God I love the Tickle Chair.  I think it's the equipment and position that makes the victims at MyFriendsFeet their most ticklish.

CatInHat and his evil partner in tickling crime Dev have Jack McHawk back in their clutches.  This time, he's wearing a pair of those "toe shoes" that I find oddly arousing.
They start right in on his feather-ticklish torso which was neglected in the last tickle scene he did, since he was wrapped up like a mummy with only his feet and head exposed.
Then, they remove his toe shoes to reveal...toe socks!  He's wearing a pair of dark, sweaty socks that have separate toes, and these too are very sexy.
His socked feet get the treatment for a while, but before long they're peeled off for some bare foot tickling with feathers, fingers and wicked brushes.
This poor guy gets WRECKED by an all-out assault on his ticklish feet and armpits at the same time.  You'd almost feel bad for him, if his panicked laughter and begging wasn't so hot.
And, once again, Dev is beside himself with glee as he works poor Jack over.  I think Dev is in the top 5 people I'd like to be tickled by.  He's just having so much fun!

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