Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Tim Tebow has ticklish feet! At least, in my world...

This week, Azazello takes us to the function room of a private club...a club where young men are tied to a table for the entertainment of the members.  And each member has a plume in their hands in "The Feather Club".   Then, I drew the the REAL reason that Tim Tebow was traded to the NY Jets.  It's because that old foot perv Rex Ryan wanted a crack at his big ticklish dogs.  Tim's having the beJEEZUS tickled out of him in "TEBOWNED"!
Then, on the Athena side, CheshireCat goes both Looney and furry, as the muscular dog Arnie is tied to his own workout equipment and put through tickle heaven and hell at the same time in "Arnie's Ticklish Workout".  Then, Nomar returns to female tickling with a bizarre twist on a twisted horror movie.  A mad scientist has three women lashed together in a sensual chain of ticklish foot licking in "The Human Ticklepede"!

As always, the full versions of these drawings can be seen in the member's section of AchillesHeelArt!

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