Thursday, April 5, 2012

Russo Finally Gets It

It's time for 4 more devilish tickling creations to get your motors running!  

This week a very special member commissioned a fantasy that I think a lot of us have had before.  Back in the early days of tickling videos, Donnie Russo was a star in several Bob Jones tickling productions but he never really got the all-out tickle torture we wanted to see, especially on his very sexy bare feet.  In this drawing, the muscular porn star wakes up to find himself strapped to a table with 9 holes, through which evil tickling hands reach up and poke and prod his helpless body.  It's truly "Donnie's Nightmare".  Next, Blithwulf gives us a pair of burly football players who were getting their ankles taped in the locker room, but their teammates didn't stop at their ankles!  The poor linebackers are mummified except for their big bare feet and their heads and are tickle tortured into insanity!  This is "Not in the Playboohoohook"!
Over on the Athena side, Footpaws draws a trio of furry females: two laid back students and one uptight teacher.  The students have ganged up on the poor teacher, and are teaching HER a lesson on her very ticklish paws in "Hippie Tickles".  Next, Azazello lures us in with a siren song of a drawing.  A gang of sexy mermaids have boarded a young man's boat, and are erotically tickling his feet and body until he agrees to join them under the water...forever!  You'll love "Mermaid Merriment".

As always, you can view the complete versions of these drawings in the members section of!

Until next week...

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