Friday, August 24, 2012


Dev has been assisting CatInHat over at MyFriendsFeet in his tickling scenes for awhile now, and he's pure evil.  It's about time that he got strapped down for a little revenge, and for that Cat enlists one of Dev's former victims for a tickling scene that knocks it out of the park.
Dominic is gorgeous, and takes great pleasure in turning the tables on Dev and his very ticklish feet and body.
Dev loves to tease guys' ears, face and neck with feathers, and here he gets a bit of his own treatment.  As a bonus, we get a great shot of Dominic's very sexy pit.
As Dominic teases Dev's face and nose, CatInHat attacks Dev's vulnerable exposed belly button.  Man, I love feather tickling...
 What's the matter Dev?  Is your poor neck a little ticklish?  Too bad.
This face says it all. Dev's had this coming for a long time, and I can promise you'll enjoy watching his comeuppance at the hands of his former victim.
And, speaking of that victim, Dominic is an incredible cutie who clearly had a great time tickle torturing Dev.  I'd let this guy stroke me with a feather anytime!
So, to watch this incredible hot scene, CLICK HERE to visit and join MyFriendsFeet today!

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