Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Twice The Tickling Updates!

Well, not really.  I just forgot to write about the update last week when I was traveling.

First up, I drew a requested piece that takes us back to classic television land. Tod never lets his friend Buz drive his convertible, so Buz decides to take matters into his own hands by tickling Tod's feet!  Tod begs for mercy, but Buz won't stop until HE can drive down Route 66.  You'll really "Get Your Kicks" with this one.  Next, Footpaws draws another play on words as a warthog with very ticklish feet gets bound in a particular position by a snake who lick-tickles his toes until he's snorting with laughter!  One could say he's been "Road Hog Tied". 
On the Athena side, Darkharp drew a special revenge companion piece to her last drawing.  This time MJ has Felicia at her mercy, and she torments and teases her ticklish body as a punishment for trying to steal her man.  The Black Cat is one "Wrecked Home-Wrecker".  Then, in another Spidey-themed piece, a certain Ms. Stacy finds herself caught in a web and tickled silly by both her masked hero and scurrying spiders.  She can only "Laugh, Gwen"...LAUGH!

This week,  the M/M side has two men at the mercy of nature!  First, Azazello drew a kung fu apprentice training in a bamboo forest.  As he leaps barefoot through the foliage, it comes alive to test him in a new way...on his ticklish body and feet!  Enjoy "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tickle".  Then, Blithwulf created a naked bear in the clutches of an plant with a thirst...for bear juice!  It extracts it by tickle tormenting its victim until it gets its meal, and the victim is exhausted from "Draining Laughter".
On the Athena side, Darkharp does a wildly sexy self-portrait, in which she's attacked by a feathery creature that her boyfriend set upon her.  It envelops her whole body, finding every ticklish crevice, until she's screaming for mercy in "Darkharp vs Feathermonster".  Will she survive? Then, CheshireCat drew that classic scenario: someone rolled in a carpet having their protruding bare feet tickled.  An Indian princess is at the mercy of a sultan with a magic floating carpet, which raises her ticklish feet perfectly to his eye level in "Magic Carpet Ride".

As always, you can view the whole versions of these drawings in the member's area of AchillesHeelArt!

Until next week...

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