Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting Steamy

This week we have 4 more great drawings of people being tickled out of their minds!

First up, Blithwulf takes us into a steamy sauna, where a gang of sexy bears have ganged up on the one with the sexiest, most ticklish feet!  His feet are extra sensitive, all slick with sweat in "Steam Feet".  Then, Footpaws draws his first piece for us with a human character!  This poor ticklish soul is captive of a clan of white tigers, and is subjected to the most exquisite agony on his very ticklish toes.  With no one to rescue him it's the "Tiger Bench for the Outsider" until he laughs himself crazy!
Over in the Athena galleries, CheshireCat has the ladies of a famous fighting video game company kicking back for a little ticklish relaxation.  Morrigan, Chun Li and Poison are having an orgy of digital (in more ways than one) licking and tickling in "Capcom Cootchy Coo".  Then, Azazello drew a spoiled princess at the mercy of the man who used to be her slave.  "The Servant" ties her in a most humiliating position, and slowly tortures her with feathers until she cries for mercy...of which he has none.

As always, you can view the full versions of these drawings in the member's section of AchillesHeelArt!

Until next week...

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