Monday, January 7, 2008

Black and White

I recently put a poll up on the TKLFrat messageboard about whether or not you would want to see the original pencils of my work, minus the Photoshop coloring. The last time I checked, the answer was 88% "Yes".

The raw pencil work definitely feels different from the final pieces. Some of them have more definition in the pencils than others. If you compare them side by side, you can really see how the color changes the mood of some of the drawings.

This week I'm adding the black and white versions of the original 5 pieces in my gallery, starting with "First Wish". We'll get the rest of the pieces in my gallery updated next week. It's simple to download either or both. When you click on the image it opens in a new window. At the bottom of the window are two links, one to download the color piece, the other to download the pencil version.


This week's update is called "Smooth vs. Hairy", which is a requested image from a member who wanted to see a very hairy chested man tied to a bed and foot tickled by a musclebound smooth man.

What's interesting about this piece to me is that when I was nearly finished with it I realized it was a lot like "Foot of the Bed", which is a piece in the remastered section of the site. If you put the two side by side, you can see what a difference 10 years of practice makes!


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