Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pencil Sketches

This week we've posted the 11 remaining pencil versions of the pieces in my gallery. From now on (or at least for as long as I'm working in pencil) we'll be uploading two versions of my drawings, colored and uncolored. We won't be doing the same thing in Sloth's gallery. His work is 100% digital most of the time, so he doesn't wind up with original sketches. We both use Wacom tablets to color our work in Photoshop, but he actually does his line work directly onscreen too.

Here is a collage of most of the pieces that were posted this week:


Sloth provides a new image this week which was a request from a member to show a "casting couch" scenario in which a kinky casting director is trying to find the perfect ticklish actor for a torture scene in his film.

See you next Monday!


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