Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For You Tattoo Fans

This week, Sloth and I both inadvertently created two pieces that feature tattoos.

In my piece, an evil wizard tests out a new spell on a helpless assistant. It covers him in dozens of "Ticklish Tattoos" that torment the poor young man wherever they appear over his upper body.

In Sloth's piece, a rowdy biker gang has a little fun with one of their members' helpless bare feet as they go "Hog Wild".


This week marks our 20th update since we began back in August, and we have 35 pieces in the member's section. I'm trying to think of some cool way to mark the occasion when we get 50 pieces in there in the next few months.

Also, if any of you are familiar with a site called "Deviant Art", I just thought I'd let you know that I put up a profile there. There's nothing on my page that you can't find in my main site, but they have an excellent keyword searching system for you to look for other tickling artwork. Here's the link to my page:


Check out the "Browse Favorites" link on my page there to see some of the foot and tickling related artwork I've already linked to.

Have fun!


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