Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Last Two Updates

Hey everyone,

My trip to Maine last week threw off the schedule just a little bit, but we'll be back on track tomorrow.

Last week's update only included "Feet Fighter" by Wez, which depicts two of the burliest characters from a certain fighting videogame in a sexy tickling wrestling hold. Posted this week is "Aw, Crap" in which a well-known demonic investigator is overpowered by a tentacle (tentickle?) monster.


For this week's update, Wez once again supplies an image (he's on a roll!), this time of a classic monster, "The Bare-Wolf of London". A poor, burly Irishman is overcome with laughter as the werewolf wears him down with tickle torture.


Coming on Tuesday morning from me is a piece that I'm going to be posting in the Free Archive section for everyone. This was supposed to be my special 4th of July piece, but my vacation made it fall a week behind. When I did that Uncle Sam image to advertise the site when we first launched a friend of mine asked "Why didn't you do a sexy Uncle Sam?". My drawing for Tuesday has a decidedly sexier Sam being tortured by the current administration, in a poliTICKLE piece that could only be called "Freedom Tickling". The sketch here is black and white, but the final piece will be in full color.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July!


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ticklemysheersocks said...

Loved the Freedom Tickles art. Any chance for a follow up with Mr. Bush getting what he deserves on his stocking feet? ;-)