Thursday, June 21, 2012

He's No Saint

Some of you may know that I'm an avid video gamer.  Right now I have a PS3 with a stack of games I haven't had time to play.  I picked up Saints Row III on the advice of friend months ago, and finally decided to try it out. So far, I'm liking it.  It plays like Grand Theft Auto with more satisfying shooting and better mission variety.  But what really sets it apart is its insanely deep character creation.

You create the character you wind up playing throughout the game, and you can control everything from sex to race to body type to how high the cheekbones are.  What's even more staggering is that the character appears exactly how you created him in all the game's cut scenes.
I pretty much decided to turn my avatar into my dream man.  He's a huge tough guy with facial hair, a big jaw and a heavy brow.  Yeah, I like cavemen.
I also discovered that it's possible to remove the default set of clothing he comes with, so he can be run around the city mostly naked.  I have no problem with this.
 You can even remove his shoes and make him barefoot!  If only you could control the size of the feet...
Eventually, you wind up at a clothing store where you can choose from a huge variety out outfits to put your character in.  You can even have your character cross dress!  I decided my buddy needed wristbands, boxer briefs and flip flops.  That should be enough to protect him in a firefight...
My gruff guy speaks with a cockney accent.  That's another thing: you have the option to pick from 3 different voices for each sex...which means that every line spoken in the game was recorded in 6 different voices and accents.  Crazy.
So please contact me right away if you resemble the guy above, and you have big, ticklish feet!  :)

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