Friday, June 1, 2012

Tickle Cadets

This week we've got 4 new great tickle torture illustrations!

First up, CheshireCat rounds out his team of tickling heroes with their fearless leader.  He's got many appendages with which to immobilize and subdue his enemies.  "Admiral Octo" is sure to tenTICKLE any super villain he encounters!  Speaking of tentacles, DarkHarp draws a sexy male space explorer who accidentally stumbles upon a monster lurking within a remote moon's craters.  They pick him up and tickle him silly after he takes "One Wrong Step for Man".
Over in the Athena galleries, Darkharp drew a companion piece with a female space explorer who has stumbled on the same mult-limbed monster who holds her fast and tickles her into total helplessness.  She's experiencing a little "Space Cadet Regret".  Then Blithwulf travels to distant Japan, where a man has his favorite concubine suspended from the ceiling in some very elaborate bondage for a lengthy session of erotic tickle torture in "Long Osaka Nights".

As always, the full versions of these drawings can be viewed in the member's section of AchillesHeelArt!

Until next week...

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