Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MARVELous Babes

Here's the latest news on tickling artwork uploaded to AchillesHeelArt!

First up, Blithwulf takes us into a sinister laboratory, where soldiers with disciplinary problems are sent when all other measures of dealing with their behavior fail.  They're strapped into a fiendish device where their big feet are endlessly tickled while they are milked over and over again. Once they've spent a few days in "Doctor Gargallo's Rehab Lab", these unruly fellows will most definitely turn over a new leaf.  Then, Azazello goes wild!  Into the wild, that is.  A sexy naked man is set upon by...tickling squirrels?  These furry ticklers are just trying to get a  They use their soft tails and a special feather treadmill device to drive this poor ticklish guy insane!
Over in the Athena section, I drew everyone's favorite wielder of chaos magic who also likes to wear a lot of red.  Wanda fell asleep at her post, so her diminutive friend the Wasp decided to teach her a lesson.  Wanda awakes to find her ticklish bare feet at the mercy of her tiny friend's fluttering wings in "The Scarlet Itch".  Then, CheshireCat has a fantasy...a FINAL fantasy about two of the most beloved, sexy woman from the franchise playing with some erotic tickle torture. Aeris tries out several soft tickling devices on Tifa's helpless, naked body in "Feather Fantasy".

As always, you can view the full versions of these drawings in the member's section of AchillesHeelArt!

Until next week...

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