Sunday, June 3, 2012

JASON STRONG: A Two Year Celebration

Over the past two years, one site that has delivered a TON of awesome tickling content is JasonStrongTickling.  Jason is a tireless and relentless tickler, who always manages to lure incredibly attractive and ticklish guys into his lair.  And, on top of that, he's a stone cold hottie himself:
Jason tickles a really wide variety of men, with a little something for everyone.  Also, he sets up clever and creative scenarios to go along with the tickle torture.  It's fun when there's a little storyline to go along with the tickling, such as a revenge scenario.

I love when he finger tickles armpits like this.  More gentle armpit finger tickling, Jason!  :)
 Below is one of my absolute favorite victims of his, Caleb.  Just look at those drool-worthy feet!
If you've never joined JasonStrongTickling before, CLICK HERE to check it out today!  His catalog of videos and photos is now huge, and well worth the small investment.  Here's to two more years!

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