Monday, February 9, 2009


Hey gang,

This week the dynamic duo of Wez and Snake bring us two dark and seedy images from tickling's dark underbelly.

First off, Wez draws a request we received awhile back from someone who wanted to see a medieval peasant tickled by an executioner garbed tickle torturer. This piece wasn't really a "stretch" for Wez...behold, "Rack 'Em Up!"

Next, Snake visits New Jersey's most infamous family of mobsters in "He Sleeps with the Fishes". Turns out Tony is very, very ticklish.

Hope you enjoy this week's update!


1 comment:

ticklemysheersocks said...

THANK YOU for posting the sheer sock tickling art from Sopranos. I never found much interest in James Gandolfini before, but now that I have Snake's vision to stare and salivate over... please more sheer sock tickling!!! PLEASE!!! ;-)