Monday, February 2, 2009

Yes We Can! And, Oh Yes We Did!

Hey Gang,

This week Sloth has created a whole new genre: "Tickle Noir". In his piece "The Man Who Laughed Too Much" a gumshoe (or is that gumshoeless?) detective is put through the ringer by a gang of crooks. Will this tough nut crack?

My piece this week is a request that came in quite recently. Normally, I try to do them in the order that I receive them, but now and then one comes along that is time-sensitive. A member wanted to see a sequel to my "Freedom Tickling" piece, but this time wanted Bush as the victim because of the recent changing of the guard in the White House. Uncle Sam and Obama subject poor George W. to a whole different kind of stimulus package in "Yes You Can!"

See you all next week!

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