Friday, February 13, 2009

Got an Asian Fetish?

Hey Guys!

Got a thing for those smooth, ticklish Asian men? So does my good buddy Tikibar Tickler! He has put together a great blog on the subject of sexy Asian men, their bare feet and, of course, tickling them! The link to "Asian Male Feet Blog" is in the sidebar to the right. Be sure to check it out, as he updates fairly often.

One of his recent postings dug up some sexy looking tickling videos I'd never seen before. They're produced in Japan, and the series is called "Tickle Heaven". That may be a misleading title...looks more like Tickle Hell to me!

Drop by his blog soon!



SerialTickler312 said...

Hey! Thanks for the link love! :)

ticklemysheersocks said...

oooohhh.... yesssss.... LOVE watching the extreme expressions on Asian boys faces while they're being tickled. Always seem to "suffer" from tickling so much more... not sure why... Thanks for posting the box art...