Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Last Two Updates

Hey Gang,

Here are the last two updates from the past two weeks.

Last week, Wez produced yet another monstrously good drawing with "Feather...BAD!" in which a band of villagers invent yet another way to torment poor Frankenstein's monster.

This week, Snake gives us a glimpse into a young couple getting a bit distracted while they attempt to paint a room in "Tickled Pink".

My piece this week is a special request from a MySpace buddy of mine. He wanted to see himself tickling a poor young guy's soft soles in a uniform scenario. I decided to turn him into "Sergeant Ticklekat", and have him turn his evil red feather on a poor, tenderfooted private.

That's it for this week! Keep an eye on the blog, as I'll be adding more of my collection now and then.


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