Monday, November 9, 2009

Have you had your TICKLE ABUSE today?

My buddy Tommy runs one of the hottest tickling sites out there, He's a straight producer who does F/F, M/F and F/M tickling videos. I've got to say, his F/M work is some of the hottest male tickling I've ever seen. He consistently manages to find hot, muscular and (most importantly) masculine guys who get put into stocks and tickled into total insanity. He's even got this wicked device for upper body tickling he's nicknamed "The Humbler". Sure, the people doing the tickling are women, but who among us doesn't want to see some cocky straight guys taken down a few pegs?

When you visit it may appear like it's an only /F tickling site (he's working on fixing that). If you join, you have access to all the videos to download, including the /M tickling. If you prefer, there's also a clips4sale version of the site, where you can just buy individual clips. The membership at the main site is a MUCH better deal, though.

And now, enjoy these sample pics!

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