Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hey, Tickle Gang!

This week we've got a new piece from Sloth, and the return of Nomar after a long hiatus.

First up, Sloth give us a covert operation...gone terribly wrong. A bunch of soldiers decide their commander needs to be taught a lesson, and what better way than on the soles of his ticklish feet? Strung up on a tank, all he can do is laugh as he's at the mercy of the "Foot Soldiers". Next, Nomar returns with a new experiment: 3D figure animation. His first foray into this territory finds two young men on a couch experimenting with both the delicate art of giving a footjob, and with some strange hand-held tickling devices. I hope you enjoy "Couch Wanding".

See you all next week!


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