Friday, November 27, 2009

Mainstream Tickles!

A lot of fetish material is found in the mainstream media: television shows, movies, comic books. Of course, most people see a tickling scene in a cartoon and think nothing of it, other than that it is mildly amusing. Before the days when tickling was available all over the internet, those of us with a special affection for the fetish would feel like we'd struck gold when we'd stumble upon it on tv or in a book. I've got a decent collection of material that has shown up in various forms that I'll start posting here under our new category "Mainstream Media".

Not sure where this one came from. Maybe something like the old "Wacky Packages"?

I believe this one was from an old Playboy magazine. Poor guy...this one is EVIL.

This one is by Simon Bond, from a book he did in the early 80s called "Unspeakable Acts". Unspeakable indeed...

These three are all antique postcards. Tickling has been funny for a looong time.

I don't know the origin of this one, either. Maybe it's the Easter Bunny punishing the symbol for St. Patrick's Day for some reason?

I love this one. It's from an old MAD Magazine. The expressions are great.

This is an illustration from a magazine article about a rather famous experiment involving a "tickling machine".

Does anyone know what book this drawing came from? It appears to the the aftermath of an intense tickling session...

Look for more mainstream stuff soon!



fingrfethr said...

Could that last one be by Shel Silverstein?

Rajee said...

Cool items.