Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two Weeks Worth of Mirth!

Hey gang,

Sorry for the delay this week. We're still getting adjusted to our new Wednesday schedule. Here's what got posted to the site over the past two Wednesdays:

First up, Sloth takes us back to the strange and faraway land, Tickle Earth, where no elf, human or orc is safe. This time "The Mad Wizard of Tickle Earth" has cast a spell to make evil tickling vines rise out of the ground and bind and tickle attack our poor heroes. Next, Velly-Z's hopelessly ticklish character Jay is once again put through the ringer, this time during a police interrogation. He cant confess if he's too busy...
This week there are two pieces from me that actually work as a diptych. You can put them side by side to make one long panorama of tickling! I've visited the "Team Footress" world before, but I didn't feel like I really captured the essence of the characters from that game. I wanted to pair each character off with the one that gives them the most trouble. The giant Heavy tickles the fleet-footed Scout, and the Engineer gets back at the Spy (on his sheer socked feet) for all those sappings. Enjoy the two "Team Footress: Enemies" pieces!See you all next week!

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