Friday, December 28, 2012

Girls are Icky...

but sometimes I draw them anyway. Especially when I'm commissioned to draw them getting tickled! My good buddy Sandrock74 asked me to take part in his annual "Jingle Gals" celebration, where he gives out free tickling art to his fans every holiday season. This year, his publishing company Black Feather Graphics got the rights to an old 1940s character "Black Cat", and he asked me to do the honors for her debut! He wanted a scene where she was being worked over by a few thugs in a warehouse.
So, if you've got a tickling fetish AND a thing for scantily clad superheroines, you should probably CLICK HERE and check out Sandrock's "Super G.A.L.S." today!

1 comment:

Palanca Feet said...

Hey Achilles, your thughs look here so handsome supersexxxy - you should try to draw THEM tickled more often, the meaner the better!